jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Una buena de Obama

Obtenido del sitio de la Casa Blanca Vía Google y el Diario El País de España. Ojalá hiciera lo mismo con el abominable #ACTA. Original en PDF en scribd.com

November 8, 2011 (Senate)


S.J. Res. 6 – Disapproval of Federal Communications Commission Rule Regulating the Internet and Broadband Industry Practices (Sen. Hutchison, R-Texas, and 42 cosponsors) The Administration strongly opposes Senate passage of S.J. Res. 6, which would undermine a fundamental part of the Nation’s Open Internet and innovation strategy – an enforceable, effective but flexible policy for keeping the Internet free and open. Today more than ever, the open Internet is essential to job creation, economic growth, and global competitiveness. The United States leads the world in the development of new Internet-based services and applications. An important element of this leadership is that the open Internet enables entrepreneurs to create new services without fear of undue discrimination by network providers. Federal policy has consistently promoted an Internet that is open and facilitates innovation and investment, protects consumer choice, and enables free speech. The rule at issue resulted from a process that brought together parties on all sides of this issue – from consumer groups to technology companies to broadband providers – to enable their voices to be heard. Notably, the Federal Communications Commission’s rule reflected a constructive effort to build a consensus around what safeguards and protections were reasonable and necessary to ensure that the Internet continues to attract investment and to spur innovation. Disapproval of the rule would threaten those values and cast uncertainty over those innovative new businesses that are a critical part of the Nation’s economic recovery. It would be ill-advised to threaten the very foundations of innovation in the Internet economy and the democratic spirit that has made the Internet a force for social progress around the world. If the President is presented with S.J. Res. 6, which would not safeguard the free and open Internet, his senior advisers would recommend that he veto the Resolution.
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